Paper or Plant? Plant this SEED PAPER and watch it sprout ;)

What is seed paper?

Seed Paper is handmade recycled paper made from PULP + SEEDS. This paper is made from recycled cotton fabric waste, which has various seeds like tomato, basil, mixed herbs, marigold, dil, etc. This is such an innovative way to recycle and actually use it to grow a plant for the future! These papers can be used in multiple ways like:

Invites, tags, journals, diaries, books, book marks, cards, etc.

So lets learn how to plant this ;)

After the use of the products.. what do you do?


STEP 1-Place the paper under a thin layer of soil

STEP 2-Water it for germinations

STEP 3-Watch sprouts grow 🤗

Save Earth!

Live an eco friendly and sustainable future for the betterment of tomorrow and for us! :) #SeedPaper Watch this fun, quirky and easy tutorial to learn how to plant your seed paper.

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