6 ways to turn a basic Kraft wrap into something fun & quirky!

Up your game by adding some funk to an ordinary gift wrap ;) These eco friendly Kraft wrapping papers are not only recycled, but they give a chic and rustic effect to a gift, which we absolutely love. 1)Adding some twine along with feathers and leaves, instantly makes it look rustic and stylish. 2)The Japanese style gift wrapping which is called Furoshiki, has a ton of stylish ways to up your ordinary gift wrapping. And this gift wrap is super easy to work with hence this style of gift wrapping can easily be followed. Check out some YouTube videos for Japanese style gift wrapping. 3)Add just a DIY touch to this by painting some polka dots, hearts, stars, or some vegetable prints from veggies lie potato or okra which not only makes it look handmade and pure, but also adds a personal touch to your gift. 4)Adding some Twine and ribbons, can make it look super quirky yet stylish. One can make something out of the coloured twine like the image above. 5)Printed tapes are SOO fun, one can play along and add 2 or more kind of tapes and paste it on your gift and make it look super creative and funky. 6)Printing your own Kraft paper for small gifts, is the best! You can customise as per your choice and have it printed at home, and then use it for wrapping. These are just a few hacks as to how one can upgrade a normal gift wrap to an amazing one. Do try these easy DIYs at home and tag us :)

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